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Preclinical Echocardiography

The Echo Core Facility of the MRC is available for scientist and Researchers interested in Monitoring cardiovascular issues in small animal models.


Dr. J. Schwanbeck (t: +49 30 450 525 293)
Dr. Chr. Oeing (t: +49 30 450 559 757)

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Vevo 3100 Imaging Platform for small animals (mouse and rat). Customizable User Interface.

The unique, gesture-driven user interface can be personalized by multiple users and is easily controlled with the glide of a finger and without keys or buttons. Its intuitive control panel allows customizable workflow for rapid data acquisition, providing extremely high- throughput when needed. Optimized workflow is always at your fingertips.

Vevo HD Image Technology

This revolutionary technology exclusive to the Vevo 3100 reduces speckle noise and artifacts in images while preserving and enhancing critical tissue information. This real-time image processing algorithm allows you to visualize your high-resolution data like never before. Vessel walls appear sharp; pre-palpable lesions are clearly delineated; rib shadows are reduced. The Vevo 3100 Imaging platform also combines real-time learning with onboard step-by-step imaging tutorials and guides.
Visualize your data like never before.

With smart engineering and a minimalist design, the Vevo 3100 has a reduced footprint and weight by 40 percent that encourages portability and navigation of this capital instrument in high traffic and unique research environments to conduct groundbreaking science.


To schedule an appointment, please contact Mr. Elya Smeir (Scientific Coordinator) (t: +49 30 450 525294)


Measurements and Services

The MRC Echocardiography Core Facility offers several measurements and services. With our device, we are able to perform  
    Anatomical M-Mode
    Power Doppler Mode
    Pulsed-Wave Doppler Mode
    Nonlinear Contrast Mode
    PW Tissue Doppler Mode
    Color Doppler Mode
    ECG and Respiration Gating

With our device, we are able to measure the systolic function using the following parameters:
    Shortening fraction
    Ejection fraction
    Cardiac output (calculated)
    Ventricular volumes

With our device, we are able to measure the diastolic function using the following parameters:
   Doppler tissue imaging
   Tei index (combined systolic/diastolic function)
   Mitral inflow velocities and passive and active filling ratios

Recently, advanced Imaging techinques like 3D- and 4D-Echocardiography as well as Speckle-tracking Echocardiography (STE) became available in the preclinical Setting. If you are interested in small animal imaging with the named advanced imaging techniques please contact Mr. Elya Smeir (030 450 525293). Further Information can be found on the pages of the Kintscher Lab.

B-Mode picture of the murine left ventricle
Speckel-tracking echocardiography in a parasternal long axis view of the left ventricle
3D-Echocardiography of the murine left ventricle
3D Volumes of the left ventricle