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Lab Master

Metabolic Cages of TSE are used to monitor food, liquid and activity behaviour as well as metabolic circumstances of small animals.


Dr. Anna Foryst-Ludwig

Beata Höft 

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The TSE PhenoMaster System is a unique modular phenotyping platform for mice and rats. It allows fully automated and perfectly synchronized assessment of metabolic, behavioral, and physiological parameters with highest precision in a stress-free home cage environment. Numerous integrative modules and compatible test arenas endow the system with exceptional flexibility. A virtually unlimited number of PhenoMaster cages can be operated in parallel providing ideal conditions for high throughput screening and group comparisons.

Indirect Gas Calorimetry Module (CaloSys)
Using innovative working principles and advanced technology solutions,
CaloSys combines the best possibilities for PULL (standard) or PUSH mode
indirect calorimetry within the home cage or flexibly in other standard
systems, e.g., CaloTreadmill or CaloWheel.

Feeding & Drinking
High precision weighing stations in combination with leak- and spill-proof
containers provide most accurate analyses of feeding and drinking behavior.
Modular access control units restrict feeding and/or drinking by time, duration,
or amount according to customized schedules.

Body Weight Monitoring
A red sit-in tube housing connected to a weighing station enriches the home
cage and reports the body

Activity Module
An infrared light beam frame (ActiMot) evaluates spontaneous locomotor
activity and stores precise records of the animal's exploration pattern in the
X,Y, and Z plane with highest spatial and temporal resolution.


TSE Systems Treadmills are computerized systems for the investigation of general motor function and coordination, application of customized exercise schedules (e.g. for motor recovery), and exercise-related metabolic processes (exercise calorimetry).

• The running belt is driven by a servo-motor at precise operator- defined tread speed
• The belt surface is specially manufactured for optimal grip
• The whole belt can be tilted up or downwards, thereby varying the work load / coordination demand
• Lanes are equipped with an infrared light beam barrier, which detects when the animal is falling behind, drifting off the belt
• If the animal drifts off the belt, it lands on a metal floor grid - a safety feature offering save grounds for fatigued animals
• A manual pusher or optional mild foot shocks keep the animals on track


• All single lane mouse treadmills can be connected to the TSE indirect gas calorimetry system (CaloSys) enabling metabolic measurements during different exercise conditions
• Configured for PUSH or PULL mode calorimetry with either air tight or non airtight cover, respectively
• Continuous calorimetry with sample collection at high temporal resolution permitting precise correlation of physical strain and metabolic readouts
• Gas sampling can also be timed / synchronized according to the phases of the running profile (e.g. at the beginning and end of each phase, where each phase is characterized by a certain speed)

The software is highly intuitive and offers numerous options for the definition of user-defined exercise protocols including: Speed profiles up to 100 phases, each characterized by initial speed, final speed, and acceleration / deceleration time

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